Top 5 Sloth Videos EVER

We love Sloths! Our favorite rainforest creature by far. They are slow, cute, funny, and oh so sweet. We've compiled a list of our favorite sloth moments. Get ready to laugh fellow sloth lovers! 

#5: What Sound Does A Sloth Make

Does anyone really know? It's not a "moo" or "meow" but a "MAHHHH". Watch the video below to hear the sound of a baby sloth! Watch as they crawl along branches and man-made poles built specifically for sloths raised in a sanctuary in Costa Rica. These slow creatures love to relax and play. How adorable is a sloth squeak? Too cute. 

#4: Sloth Wants A Hug

 This sweet sloth is relaxing and resting in its play area. It slowly swings over to this woman to try and give her a hug. This sloth loves attention and affection. It just takes its time to get to it. As it climbs it's way over, it has the sweetest smile on its face! A sloth lover's dream! <3 

#3: Saying Boo To A Sloth

 This adorable creature is climbing in the forest at a relaxed pace. Watch as it makes subtle movements as David Attenborough teaches us about the life of a sloth. Attenborough sneaks up on the creature and says "Boo!" though the sloth doesn't react much. This clip comes from BBC's Life of Mammals ( The sloth has adjusted to the lack of nutrients in its diet of leaves by making slow movements so it doesn't use up all its energy. The sloth is truly a unique part of rainforest wildlife. 

#2: Baby Sloth Scratching Itself

This cute baby sloth is being taken care of at the wildlife sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. It hilariously scratches its body with different limbs. It scratches its butt with his hand. It scratches its head with its leg. What a funny sloth! These young sloths are too cute! 

#1: Three-Toed Sloth: I Believe I Can Fly

 This is probably our favorite sloth video EVER. When this three-toed sloth in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is trying to cross the street despite vehicle traffic, a local pedestrian carefully picks up the sloth and lifts it to the other end of the road. The sloth raises it's arms out as if it's flying through the air and the song "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly starts playing. Genius comedy. The sloth is likely reaching out for a branch to grab onto. Finally at the other end of the road, the sloth is safe from being hit by any vehicles and it can return to its home in the rainforest. And we all said "Amen, Hallelujah". Sloth lovers: rest assured, this sloth is safe! <3

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